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Systematic lists:
Here, you will find the partial transcripts of whole registers. Access to the pictures that were used (when the association has them...).
Remember to look at the section « Actes divers ».

Mère, conjoint, témoins, parrain...
 Dans les actes de 

Miscellaneous Records:
There, you will find the certificates you have sent in (by means of the new form available to members) as well as inventories of archives, genealogical tables found in parishes, and others...
Entrez un nom de commune pour connaître les archives qui existent.

Mère, conjoint, témoins, parrain...
 Dans tous les types d'actes.

Problems you may encounter and their solutions...

  • If you notice a mistake in a transcription: please use the link ‘Pour signaler une erreur, Cliquez ICI’ to let us know.
  • There is no link to the picture:
    • If you are not a member of the association, that is quite normal
    • If you are a member and you are entitled to unlimited access, it means that the association does not have the photographs of the registers.
  • The picture link exists but the picture cannot be displayed:
    • If this screen appearslien defectueux it means the picture link is defective, use the link on the page to let us know.
    • If you get this message serveur defectueux or to a screen that says there is a problem with displaying pictures (of this kind lien defectueux ): it means there are too many requests at once for the server that houses the pictures, PLEASE TRY AGAIN LATER...